Millet World

To Create Partnerships in Pursuit of Purposeful Placemaking so that Communities Large and Small can Flourish








An expert in placemaking, Millet World has deployed a business model marked by steady growth since its creation in 2016.

Since 2016, Millet World has been providing consulting and project management services that forge synergistic partnerships at the intersections of the arts, creative and corporate communities.

Millet World is passionate about placemaking and believes that through its cross-pollinating concepts, communities large and small can benefit.

As a collective of community leaders, Millet World treasures the interpersonal connections we make. We continually seek to transform synergistic partnerships so that these, in turn, can transform the communities we live in.


Since 2014, Millet World has been growing its network of creators, leaders and thinkers, from real estate to the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling synergistic connections that spur growth and innovation.

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Millet World sees the potential of existing spaces. It reimagines them to be collaborative platforms that are energized with local neighbourhood businesses, residents, public and commercial enterprises. A strong shared vision, collaborations artistic and business, generate interest and create energy that bring various communities together.


Millet World’s consultative approach and creative strategy of applying cross-pollinating concepts, create momentum that attracts people, revenue, and ultimately benefits communities large and small.

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Our business model is anchored in a long term vision that builds on authentic partnerships stimulated by creative thinking, grounded in mutual trust and respect. This model drives the longevity of our group and ensures its dynamic growth in a volatile, uncertain and increasingly complex world.

Millet World’s model draws from the synergistic strength of its parent, arts organization the TRCL Group, to provide content, connections, within diverse communities. Its ultimate vision is to encourage growth in each sector it influences, benefitting individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, so that communities can flourish.