Millet Group strives to ensure the long-term development of its subsidiaries and brands in keeping with their identity and expertise. The group continues build on authentic partnerships stimulated by creative thinking, grounded in mutual trust and respect. This model drives the longevity of our group and ensures its dynamic growth in a volatile, uncertain and increasingly complex world.


Our Values


Millet Group’s Millet Holdings (MH) is a business consultancy arm of TRCL, a model for the sustainability of enterprise in Southeast Asia. In 2016, Millet Holdings incorporated Millet World as a place management company.

Millet World Trading Post was then developed as an integrated omnichannel platform connecting small businesses across 20 major hubs in the Asia Pacific region. Millet Holdings currently operates in Singapore and Malaysia, with projects in Korat, Thailand and Xiamen, China.

Millet Group is an advocate of the sharing economy. We believe in the collective strength for ideation and co-creation so that communities can benefit.